• The Beginning
    The Beginning

    They meet in Boulder, Colorado during their college years at a DIY music venue Brandon used to run.

  • Boston

    Work brought Brandon and Gabi back to Gabi’s home state of Massachusetts. Brandon landed a copywriting gig with an advertising agency and Gabi decided to finally go back to school to get her degree.

  • Settle Down Now
    Settle Down Now

    Homebuyers. That’s what Brandon and Gabi became in August of 2013 when they purchased their first home in Cambridge, MA.

  • The Climbing Bug
    The Climbing Bug

    Everything changed when Brandon brought Gabi to a local climbing gym. They both fell hard for the love of climbing.

  • Road Trip
    Road Trip

    It started out as a year long road trip but Brandon and Gabi quickly realized that they wouldn’t return to any resemblance of a normal life.

  • Airstream

    Six months of full time renovating their dream life/work space and they were ready to do this for real. Brandon and Gabi were officially full time road lifers.



Three years of filming and photographing leads to full time storytelling as The Foxes Adventure.

The Foxes adventurous creatives who approach every photo project as an opportunity to do something new. While they are shooting they’re always thinking, “how can I capture this moment in a way that’s fresh and beautiful?” This mindset them us maintain a strong, steady flow of creative juices, and keeps us excited for each new project.

Taken by thefoxesphoto
Taken by thefoxesphoto